DGST 101 Podcast: Social Media Notifications and Addictive Design

This is definitely not a “professional”-grade podcast, but this assignment was my first experience with audio recording and editing, and I certainly remember learning a lot from it, not least the mortifying ordeal of having to listen to your own recorded voice! I remember being proud of inserting the (free for use) jarring notification sounds into certain points within the podcast, as well as accosting two of my closest friends, Eugene Z.T.H. and Liam Kiely, with personal experience in the subject at the last moment. Credit to them for speaking about it as eloquently as they do.

I may have hated hearing my nineteen-year-old “Podcast Voice” for this project, and the monologue about Snapchat streaks may be significantly dated by Snapchat’s waning cultural relevance, but the line, “Using social media continuously hasn’t even been framed as something we do for fun anymore: it’s been framed as something we do to each other” remains as true as ever, I think.

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