Week 13 Journal

The main focus of this week’s start was completing the Pythonic Paraphrase, which I think is one of the most well-thought-out additions to this class. Being able to work specifically with a literary text, doing the kind of investigation we’d end up doing for our final projects, gave me an added sense of confidence in using Python for my final paper, especially given the experience afforded to us in working with TextBlob. I really appreciated the in-class demonstration of how TextBlob worked, too, given that it’s another new set of languages/rules to be able to work with. I had to get feedback for my Pythonic Paraphrase, but I did enjoy applying what we’ve learned so far to the process.

The Pythonic Paraphrase also allowed me to ask a question at the start of this week I had not articulated to myself before, which was that of how to work with multiple texts. Since I already knew I was working with a corpus of quite a few texts, which I’d been building (in notes app list form) over the course of this week, realizing I did not know how to do this was a very helpful step in formulating a draft program (which didn’t work, hah!) on Friday the 8th.

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