Week 12 Journal

This was the week we completed a series of harder Python exercises on our own time, a push that I found to be one of the most rewarding experiences in this class. We did a little bit of Python in Applied Digital Studies but I found that it was largely lost on me; in this class, the greater motivation to learn it on my own time and try things was a good motivator to understand it better. I found a very strong sense of accomplishment in figuring out how to do the “initials” function in particular, because it involved applying indentation feedback I’d received on another one of my programs.

It was also useful to be able to discuss the programs in class, given that explaining how to do something to somebody else (or listening to someone explain how to do something!) are much more productive ways to learn something than reading a text. Related to this, I definitely found in-class discussions and hands-on applications more useful than reading Montfort’s textbook (I think I’ve mentioned my issues with his writing voice already), but I do understand that the textbook is a necessary feature, and a great resource, especially given that we didn’t have to buy it!

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